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NNHS's CAPStone project is learning in real time. A capstone is the crowning piece of an arch, the center, top-most stone that holds the arch together. Newton North's CAPS program provides similar function, providing students with a centerpiece of their high school education through which they are able to experience first-hand the transformation of their classroom studies into practice in the field.
Mia F., CAPS '08, award-winning song writer

Sophie D., CAPS '09, Studying a threatened lake in Mexico

Rebecca K., CAPS '10, giving a TEDx talk in D.C.

Sam Q., CAPS '11, Film-maker

A senior CAPS experience can be any kind of project that requires students to investigate something that they have never done before, but always wanted to do or something they have done before, but want to take to a new level and investigate towards mastery.
An honors thesis with field research or independent study are two obvious types of CAPStone projects. A performance or art opening is another. And, depending on one's goals, a focused internship or other kind of educational experience could be yet another CAPS project.
We encourage all rising juniors to consider including a CAPStone project in their senior-year planning.

Featuring Will Spiro's (2012) Senior Independent Study: